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More sick fish in plant tank...

Hello Again,
	Well, for those of you who have been following the soap opera... I
managed to catch the majority of the infested otos and have them in a
hospital tank undergoing ich therapy (RidIch+). Here is another problem
that hasn't really concerned me, but I thought I would ask anyway:

	I have 5 wild caught angels, two of which seem to have some sort of
funk on their ventral fins. The fish seem to be able to rub it off and it
come back in a few hours/days. I don't know if it is fungus, slime,
whatever. It is white-ish but there is not a lot of it on their and I can't
really tell what color it is. The affect fish do not seem to be ailing,
they eat fine and all. I thought that maybe it was a secondary fungal
infection after injury... Something like that? Anyway, I have been watching
it for about 2 weeks and it does not seem to be getting any worse, but I
think that it has stunt the growth of those fins (hopefully temporary). Any
suggestions? Should I just keep watching?

Alok (with the new tank blues)

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