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Re: Better CaCO3 addition methods?

>> Also, is there something that would
>> give both Ca and Mg?  Dolomite?
>> Sherman Lovell
>Dolomite is even more difficult to dissolve than CaCO3. Instead of using
>tablets, why don't you try to get some powdered CaCO3 from the
>drugstore. That would make it much easier to do your trick with the
>syringe; no need to shake vigorously for an hour.

Actually I have been using Dolomite for the past two or three weeks and
after about two days it has all dissolved, and my plants are doing better
than ever (my water has a GH of 14ppm out of the tap and even lower KH).

>You can order it for about $6/500 grams which is a lot cheaper than the
>tablets. Or buy it by the 20 lb sack and share it with your buddies.

One other place that I saw CaCO3  this past weekend was at the beer/wine
making store.  The had 500g packets for about $2-$3.  If my dolomite wasn't
working as well as it is, I would have picked some up.

YMMV, Daniel