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Re: Algae Eating Shrimp

>"Keep sufficient Otocinclus and yamato numa-ebi shrimp in the aquarium
>the start to prevent algae growth. As a guide line, keep about 20
>Otocinclus and 50 Yamato-numa-ebi (Caridina Japonica) to every 100 litres
>of water for them to work effectively."
>        I have a 180, about 700 liters - I don't think that I need 350
>shrimp, or 140 otos. But, I am sure that I would not have any algae if I
>did. I probably would not have any other fish too!

On the other hand-the odds are good you would hae at least 1 male and
female and so possibly a mating pair..... ;-)

       Gerry Skau

       All the world's a stage, but the play is badly cast.
         - Oscar Wilde