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filter modification

> All this research into setting up a plant tank sump to house my equipment
> has made me wonder if one could modify a Fluval (don't go there) canister
> filter to do the same?  Remove the filter baskets and instead house a Co2
> reactor, a small power head to drive the reactor and a heater.  Drill and
> seal some holes in the canister to accommodate the Co2 air line and the
> electrical cords and voila(sp) a high-tech-plant-tank canister filter
> conversion!
I hate making permanent modifications to good equipment. Why not put a
barbed fitting in the input hose, and modify the fitting rather than the
filter? That way if you decide that you didn't do a good job it's a 79
cent fitting and not a $20 housing that you need to replace.

Harvey Schneider
<harvsch at earthlink_net>