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Re: argument settled at last

Holy smokes George!

I can see the headlines now... "Local Hardware Stores Can't Keep Bare 28
gauge Wire In Stock - Experts Baffled" Which got me to thinking, more is
better, right? Up the wire size to maybe 14 or 12 gauge, increase the
voltage, and I could really get things cooking! And if the results from the
assay office don't "pan" out, I figure you should just package all the
materials needed in a "Cookin' Plant Tank" kit, and make a bundle. (Don't
believe me? Look at some successful German and Japanese companies for

Needless to say, I breathlessly await your further observations of the
initial test system, perhaps by April 2nd?

Bravo George!

Best Regards,

Ron Barter
Perth, Ontario

>Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 20:50:34 -0700
>From: George Booth <booth at frii_com>
>Subject: An argument settled at last
>Before my recent business trip to Europe, I did some
>experiments with substrate heating coils. Since I was going
>to have plenty of free time on the airplane on the flights 
>to and from Brussels, I took along my notes and wrote up the
>results on my laptop. The results were so intriquing that I 
>had to post this right away, even though I just got off the 
>plane a few hours ago. 
>George Booth
>Ft. Collins, Colorado
>| Conclusive Proof: Substrate Heating Coils Really Work! |

(big snip)

>We had some blue-green algae (BGA, cyanobacteria) developing 
>in our discus tank.  With all the positive benefits noted so 
>far, we decided to move the affected plants to the special 
>side of the 29 to see what would happen.  At first, nothing 
>appeared to happen.  We did notice the slime algae beginning 
>to loose it color right before the lights went out and figured
>it was dying or dissolving.
>The next day, it appeared that the BGA had disappeared but on
>closer examination noted a discoloration of the plant leaves 
>where the algae had been.  They appeared to be a yellowish 
>color.  We removed the plant from the tank and brushed the 
>leaves where they were discolored.  The yellow color came off 
>as a thin film with a metallic sheen.  As silly as this 
>sounds, it appeared to be gold leaf.  We took a few of the 
>samples down to the local assay office and are eagerly 
>awaiting the results.  It looks like this hobby may finally 
>pay off!
>George Booth, Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)
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