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Co2 and algae

Daniel Green wrote:
>Subject: sera permanent Co2 test?
>For all people out there using uncontrolled yeast co2 there seems to be an
>amazing option.
>For AUS $25 I can mail order a sera permanent co2 test it is some kind of
>colour changing meter that shows if one needs to add/decrease co2

Sounds like a neat gadget. Anyone out there use one?

>and thanks for all the advice I didnt recieve about my plant tank thats
>full of thread algae I am now just removing some of it daily and hoping the
>plants will use up whatever is causing it.

Dan...did no one answer that question?? I was sure that a Flourish person
would. Are you not the person using Flourish Iron? Or was it PMDD? Hope you
get some more answers. If you have an iron test kit use it to see if you
have more than .1 showing up. If you don't have a kit and are using PMDD
try mixing some up leaving out the trace elements and dosing like that for

in Vancouver