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dear Anthony, no I'm not some newbie idiot.

> and thanks for all the advice I didnt recieve about my plant tank thats
> full of thread algae

Hmmm... OK.

 in response to this.....

"Whatever you do, DON'T read any of the AGA archives.  Also, be sure to
CLEAR of the www.thekrib.com web site." 

Ok  I must seem like a complete idiot, sorry
I am a very conciencious and dedicated fishkeeper, I breed discus and rams.
I do 2 water changes a week on all my tanks

Its just that I am new to the plant tank seen, I have spent 6 months
reading everything I can about aquatic plants and visited all of the above
sites many times, I have read every one of these plant messages and have
done everything by the book.

Its just that I thought this new tank would work out and i am very stressed
about the thread algae, none of the local fish shops even own any test kits
other then NH3 and pH let alone sell them.
I mail ordered a nitrate, phosphate, iron, gh and kh test kits, (none have
arrived on time)

So while I do understand that you think Im some silly slap dash idiot I am
really not.
If water changes are necasary I will do them 2 times per day. i never watch

Anthony, your answer was rather humourous but thats not the way it is......

Regards all,
Daniel Green.
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au