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Traveling Teacher

Could this be the same guy who travels around
	the country educating LFS owners on the fine art of fish
	and plant keeping? I'm sure he must have taught my 3 locals.

	Daniel wrote:

A LFS (quite a big one) boss told me that all I needed to grow plants
10 000k of light per 100 litres - absolutely rediculous what kind of
respescting aquarium store owner would say that?

He then went on to tell another customer that ammonia eats up the oxygen
the water.

he also told me that 'The Algae Eater' (chinese one) would eat absoutely
any algae including thread algae and blue green.

And that the best way to breed discus is to have an UG filter 'with a
of methaline blue'

This guy re writes he laws of nature!
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