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Re: Aquarianpflanzen

Hi there !

>Does anyone have an update as to when this book is avaiable in
>english.....or is it, and I missed the boat? I've read all my books
>twice and am now starting to chew my nails at night:) need something new
>to read!
Yes I report what Claus from Tropica told me just 2 days ago:
Dear Sir Luca,

>I write you just because I'd like to know if in a near future there will be
>availability of the famous german magazine AquaPlanta published in english.

No there is no plans in the near furure!
But you can look at 


thay a american very good magazine about aquatic plants!

>I'm also waiting for the english tranlation of the Aquarienpflanzen by
>Christel Kasselmann, do you have any news?

It is on the way! But it will take at least an half year more!

Best regards

Claus Christensen