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RE:Cheap cables

Tim ,
I tried this with cpvc piping some years back. I think it would be hard
to to do it your self for less than AAG is asking for with good results
and alot of time. But ,there's always a way!If you have an old or extra
pump or canister filter and a heater and have a drill ,something to cut
pipe with give it a try!Then try it without the cable.Styrofoam on the
bottom of the tank can help too.Unless your the room your tank is in is
fairly cold I'd pass.  BTW,  the best tanks I've done and seen DID not
have cables! There's some debate here but I doubt anyone can really
convince me they are all that critical to a planted tank.I have the
expensive cables and did the cpvc thing and reverse flow UG piping with
PVC and all I can say is spend your money on the lights and CO2. Hope
this helps.
Tom Barr   AGA