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A new bulb?

I have just recently gotten some new bulbs for the fish.  In this case for
a fish only tank, but I think they would be great for plants also.

THey have a Kelvin temp of about 6,000 degrees, a CRI of 92, come in 4
foot lengths and only cost $4.90 apiece in single quanties.

They are called a "Correcta/92".

Also printed on the tube are the following from top to bottom:

EXTRA Long Life
Preheat-Rapic Start
F40 Correcta/92
USA Guaranteed

This tube looks OK, but when in the same fixture with a Spectrum V
(similar to the Tritons) the Spectrum V looks very blue, while the
correcta looks green, very similar to the look of the GE Chroma 50 that it

Any thoughts on why this looks so greenish?  I have no data on the
spectral peaks, but based on the high CRI they should be fairly uniform.
The tank looks OK, but the area under some old Tritons looks more "white"
while that under the Spectrum V/Correcta92 has a very slight greenish

Just thought with all the lighting suggestions I would pass this on.  I
think I can find out more about the bulb as the speciality lighting store
I went to was very helpful and knowledgeable.
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