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Re: Acclimating fish to severe pH differences?

Kelly wrote:
>>Say you buy some fish at your LFS.  You bring home the fish in a bag and
stick your pH probe in the bag - 7.4.  Your tank's pH - 6.5.  Ouch.  Don't
recall ever seeing this info on thekrib or other resources.  Anyone got
Kelly Beard, Cat IV, Team Allanti<<

I use a small container into which I put the fish along with their transport
water.  I then run a piece of airline tubing from the aquarium to the
container and start a flow.  I then tie a knot in the tubing, loosening it
until I get a fairly steady stream of drops into the container.  As the
container fills, I scoop out the excess water and dispose of it.  Depending
upon the drip rate, the pH should be equal to that of the aquarium in 2 or 3
hours.  Then I net the fish out and put them in the tank.

There's a 1000 variations on this, and I'm sure you'll hear them all :-).