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Planaria in aquaria

Hello all, I have a 55G with black convicts and Jack Dempseys. It's 
partially planted and that's only sometimes, in regards to the 
inhabitants. pH~6.7 dK~2 dH~6 80F are the conditions, with 1/4 
changes every two weeks. When the light came on yesterday, I noticed 
a spot on my glass about the size of a silver dollar. It looked like 
paper towel lint adhering to the outside, but it was actually about 
100 small white worms, ~1 mm in size. I collected some and looked at 
them under a microscope and verified they were planaria. I did some 
net surfing and they pretty much live in ponds and eat dead things 
and are non-parasitic. That's GOOD! I don't like parasites, plus my 
convicts have a swarm of fry about two weeks old and I didn't want 
them to be infected. Do I have a need to be concerned? The net says 
they are light sensitive, but they are still there in gleaming 
fluorescent light, defying all known planaria behavior. Any input 
would be great and appreciated. Thanks...
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