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Re:too many plants? (collector's mania)

>From: Piabinha at aol_com

>no wanting to criticize you, paul, but do you see a problem with the above?  i
>mean, wouldn't you rather have less but better plants, than more plants in
>poor conditions?  i only bring this up, because i see that a problem with so
>many (like cacti-people, who collect endangered species) and those who collect
>pets and neglect them (witness not just fish that don't last but months
>because people insist in cramming too many in a tank, but also all the
>abandoned dogs and cats in our country).
You just don't understand the lust of collector's mania.  I want it!  I
want it!  Some day I will get organized and get them all planted nicely in
tanks like Kasselmann shows in her book.  In the meantime it can wait on
the shelf until I get around to providing it utopia for plants.  It is a
good thing that plants don't have nervous systems.  Actually, the only
plant I have that is close to endangered is Cryptocoryne parva, and I am
taking good care of that one.

Paul Krombholz, foggy central Mississippi,with severe storms forcast for
tomorrow night.