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Re: Any Tropica Master Grow experiences??

>Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 06:20:05 -0500
>From: "Bob/Georgia" <luna at mail2_nai.net>
>Subject: Any Tropica Master Grow experiences??
>I've already searched the archives and read all that came up on this
>fertilizer. Are there people out there that would share their experiences
>to dosing and cautions and results using the Tropica Master Grow in their
>plant/fish aquariums? I have ordered a 250ML bottle to try, after not
>getting good results from the other "popular" supplements (Seachem

I have only tried Tropica's Master Grow. And i am completly satisfied with
it's ability to give my plants what they need.

Okay, i also use duplarit gravel fertilizer, and some duplarit balls (only
for echinodorus schluteri).

And i even use the double dose of Master Grow, without haivng any algae

So i would say you would have good luck with it.

>Tetra products, Kent supplements etc.) I have chronically thin/yellow/light
>green new growth on all my plants, which deteriorates rapidly before
>maturing. Lots of light , laterite in the substrate, DIY CO2. I now have a
>hair algae outbreak, I believe from overdosing with Seachem Iron Flourish

Sound like a nutrients problem, but could probaly be other things as well.
(not sure)

>and am in the process of 15% water changes every 2 days to flush all the
>current iron and nutrients I'm open for suggestions!

With many Thanks

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