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Tap Water Quality

1) The Phospate level in my WELL water is 2 PPM according to the DRY TAB
test Kit.  Retested and got same result.  Is this unusual?  Anybody else
have high phospates in their water supply?  Obviously, water changes
aren't goinf to solve my high phosphate problem (I run 5 ppm in the
tanks).   If I use a phsophosorb to remove the excess ,  will this
deplete the trace elements?

FYI , well water analysis is Ph:  7.2,Carbonate Hardness 100 ppm,
General Hardness 150 ppm, Nitrates: None detectable (Aquarium
Pharmaceuticals kit)

The well is located north of Houston and is ~200 ft deep.

Interesting story:  A section of PVC pipe attached to my well tank well
failed in July.  Becasue both sides of the damage were fixed, I opted to
use clear flexible  tubing to make the repair.   Then I covered the well
back with the winter wrap (heavy red plastic).

About a week later, all the faucets in the house were getting plugged
by clumps of lush sheets of algae (looked almost like fresh kale) .
Inspection showed the plastic tubing was covered with algae and sheets
were sloughing off .  Cure was to wrap the clear plastic in black
plastic to eliminate exposure to sunlight.  Algae disappeared after two