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Any Tropica Master Grow experiences??

Bob wrote:
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 06:20:05 -0500
From: "Bob/Georgia" <luna at mail2_nai.net>
Subject: Any Tropica Master Grow experiences??

I've already searched the archives and read all that came up on this
fertilizer. Are there people out there that would share their experiences as
to dosing and cautions and results using the Tropica Master Grow in their
plant/fish aquariums? I have ordered a 250ML bottle to try, after not
getting good results from the other "popular" supplements (Seachem products,
Tetra products, Kent supplements etc.) I have chronically thin/yellow/light
green new growth on all my plants, which deteriorates rapidly before
maturing. Lots of light , laterite in the substrate, DIY CO2. I now have a
hair algae outbreak, I believe from overdosing with Seachem Iron Flourish
and am in the process of 15% water changes every 2 days to flush all the
current iron and nutrients I'm open for suggestions!


Bob, give us more data on your tank.  Can you tell us about your light and
C02 using a C02 test or kH/pH tables on web.  If you have very soft water
and a very light fish load,  you may be Calcium/Magnesium,  phosphate(P),
potassium(K)  or (yikes even) nitrate limited.

I suggest you get a good hardness and nitrate test kit.  If Ns are
detectable then you probably have enough P.  From the fertilizers you are
using, it seems you would have most of the micro nutrients covered, maybe
even in excess (i.e. Fe/hair algae), limiting the uptake of one or more.

I don't think changing the fertilizer will solve your problems.  You must
reduce everything and try different combinations, almost by process of
elimination.  Good test kits should tip the balance in your favor.  You
could also try a massive water change, run carbon for a few days then dose
at 1/2 strength, test, observe and adjust based on your findings.

I use mostly Kents as a water column fertilizer but have used all of the
above in the past based on what's on sale, and successfully because I know
from experience, observation, and testing what, Macro/Micro nutrients my
tanks need.  I usually reduce this by half and add additional fertilizers
over a couple of weeks instead of all at one time.
I am no expert this has just been my experience.

Above all remember, more is not better, moderation is the key, and re-read
some of the nutrient deficiency info by Neil Frank and others.  Steve
Pushak's posts/advise has helped me numerous times.  Karen Randall has also
written some good stuff on Aquarium Frontiers On-Line.  It may take weeks if
not months to find optimal conditions based on your water, fish/plant, light
load and maintenance habits.

Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com