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RE pH of rain water.

> that is an awfully high ph for rain water, here in the states it is 
>  6.2-6.4!  try using peat filtration.  TFH September '98 had a good 
>  article on it.

It should be 7.0, because it is a s close to pure as water gets in nature. 
pollution is hurting your water supply.

This I Believe is untrue,
Pure water has a ph of 7.
However as rain falls CO2 dissolves into it forming mild carbonic acid,
Due to the pureness (softness) of rain or pure water it has no buffering
ability, The mild carbonic acid easily drops the pH value to 6.0 Howeve
aerating this water would bring the ph up to 7 as the co2 would be degassed

Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au