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NTA update

Through Plant Products I learned that Monsanto in Houston, Texas
manufactures the NTA that's in the iron chelate mix. I called them and they
tranferred my call to their sister company called Solutia in Alvin, Texas. A
very pleasant lady named Jennifer Young faxed to me a 10 page Toxicology
Report on NTA. The most pertinent section is on page 7, sec.2.2.

"The acute toxicity of NTA to aquatic life has been extensively studied. It
has been concluded that NTA would not adversely affect freshwater and marine
organisms... In addition, studies have shown that NTA would not adversely
affect fish or amphibian species at chronic exposure levels of 10mg/L or

NTA is in the iron chelate mix, at 0.5-1.5% or 1100 mg./kg. This is 110
times more than the safe limit of 10 mg/L, but by the time it is diluted
into the PMDD and then dosed by dropfuls into an aquarium it is probably
(I'll ask others to do the math) not a problem.