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Re: Copper treatment for algae

I published the sensitivity of algae to copper (and simazine) in the Jan
1987 issue of FAMA.... last of a 4 part article which has pictures of
various algae. If this information is relatively unavailable, let me know
and I can do it again-- this time with more of my algae pictures (before
and after bleach, before and after copper, etc)

>Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 12:42:45 -0600
>From: Bill Hamlin <wjhamlin at hydro_mb.ca>
>Subject: Re: Copper treatment for algae
>I saw this October posting from Neil and it raised a couple of
>Does anyone have information regarding the copper dose required to kill
>cladophora and oedogonium?  How would it be used? To sterilize an
>effected tank with the plants removed or is there a dosing level are
>other plants safe?  
>I am not planning on trying but I am interested in a fuller
>Also does simazine kill cladophora?  And if so at what dose?
>Thanks in advance.
>Neil Frank wrote (09 Oct 1998):
>I should also mention that the sensitivity of algae to each chemical has
>been tested and published... and some algae which does not respond to
>simazine will succumb to copper. This applies to BBA. Another tid-bit of
>information is that copper will also kill several types of green hair
>(Cladophora and especially Oedogonium). Unfortunately, Pithophora (horse
>hair algae) is resistant to copper, but is supposedly sensitive to