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Re: Copper treatment for algae

I saw this October posting from Neil and it raised a couple of

Does anyone have information regarding the copper dose required to kill
cladophora and oedogonium?  How would it be used? To sterilize an
effected tank with the plants removed or is there a dosing level are
other plants safe?  
I am not planning on trying but I am interested in a fuller

Also does simazine kill cladophora?  And if so at what dose?

Thanks in advance.

Neil Frank wrote (09 Oct 1998):
I should also mention that the sensitivity of algae to each chemical has
been tested and published... and some algae which does not respond to
simazine will succumb to copper. This applies to BBA. Another tid-bit of
information is that copper will also kill several types of green hair
(Cladophora and especially Oedogonium). Unfortunately, Pithophora (horse
hair algae) is resistant to copper, but is supposedly sensitive to