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Re: Miscellaneous

Steven Dixon wrote:

>I'm growing out quite a bit of Riccia to create a Riccia lawn
>and have found the stuff can really clog up a trickle filter.  I have a
>simple solution to this problem which I'm quite pleased with:  I got a
>piece of 3/8ths inch clear hose and a double hose barb fitting and made
>a floating circle about 10-12 inches in diameter.  Much like a feeding
>ring.  When it fills up with Riccia, I either tie up some new stones, or
>give a few clumps the toss because I'm feeling lazy <g>.

Another suggestion for keeping riccia from clogging up a trickle filter:

Cut a filter sponge so that it's just slightly longer and wider than the
intake tube on your filter.  Stick a knife most of the way through it.
Instant filter c*ndom.

I'd heard this approach recommended to keep young fry from getting sucked
up.  But it works just as well for floating plants.  You can pull it off
easily, but I tend to leave it attached, because I think the riccia looks
attractive growing vertically up the side of the tank.

(I just grow riccia to float on the top of fry tanks.  Darn cichlids won't
let it stay tied to a rock, anyway, and it's more attractive than water
sprite roots!)

Alysoun McLaughlin
alysoun at planetall_com