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San Francisco Bay Area Aquatic Plant Society Meeting

Forgive me for reposting this notice about a regional plant event. I'm
afraid some folks may not be aware of our regional group and I want to
reach the largest possible audience.

Dave Gomberg wrote in our local list:  "On a related subject:  Our next
meeting will be January 19th (Tuesday) at Park Chow starting at 7PM for
dinner.  Park Chow serves "California" cuisine and was just rated #1 for
value by Examiner/Chronicle.  The cost of a burger and beer (both among
the best in the city) is about $10, they also have pasta, pizza,
sandwiches, etc.   All VERY TASTY!
The "talk" will be a roundtable/free-for-all about nutritional
supplements (both substrate type and water column). There will be lots
of handouts, samples, and show-and-tell.
There will also be an auction, so bring your surplus plants to sell.   
See you there!   Park Chow is at 1240 Ninth Avenue between Lincoln and
Irving.  The N metro line runs a half-block away.   Parking is a bit
challenging, so car-pooling is recommended.   Ask for the upstairs
Anyone interested in more information about our local SF Bay Area group
should contact Dave Gomberg or me off list.
Thanks for your patience.  
Steve Dixon