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Re: Something a bit less technical

Hang in there Frank, I thought I was in over my head on this list
at first, but after a couple of months I realized that there were
far more people like me who didn't know what the heck was going on.  

The simple topics come out often enough, it's just that they're 
short threads because of the incredible amount of knowledge on this 
list. The hard, technical stuff lingers because very few people can 
summarily conclude them in a straight-forward manner.  The topics
cycle back through repeatedly because nobody reads the archives unless
they're sorted by topic in other places, like The Krib.

I'm still on this list after a two years because I'm amazed how much
I've learned by osmosis.  Even the chelation discussions aren't over
my head now. 

Carlos E. Munoz 
<cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com>

>>>>> w009198  <w009198 at airmail_net> (here: "w"),
>>>>> on Fri, 8 Jan 99 23:58:26 -0600,
>>>>> pondered the meaning of life, then wrote down:

    w> Hoenstly folks, you are guys are in F-16s and I'm in a Piper Cub.  I 
    w> learn a lot from reading your posts and enjoy them (may not understand 
    w> them all the time) and I will remain subscribed just to learn but is 
    w> there an equivalent for us dabblers who aren't into UGH, bleaching the 
    w> beejeebers out everything that goes into the aquarium and fighting 
    w> sinister algae types threatening to take over the world?  I'm not talking 
    w> about a news service (they're not much better than some of the message 
    w> boards) but a forum such as this?  Anyway thanks alot

    w> Frank Hillman
    w> www.greenlawn.net