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RE: BBA all over...HELP !!

Might I suggest a different solution....

1.    Remove as much algae as possible manually.
2.    Remove plant parts that are heavily affected
3.    Remove and clean top layer of gravel (if affected)
4.    Reduce Fertilizing
5.    Add Azolla carolinia, this floating plant will shade your tank,
and totally strip the water of nutrients.
6.    Weekly 50% waterchanges if you have nutrient-poor tapwater,
otherwise as usual
7.    Keep this going until algae turns white and dies

I used this method in my tank - and all algae except a few are now
Some old leaves on Hygrophila angusti.... turned yellow and fell off,
but it was worth it :)

This is my first tip on this list - comments on this one will be
Morten Karlsen,          mailto:markii at online_no