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BBA Control - Light Deprivation?

Howdy All,

I have a 65 gallon, PMDD, 3 watts/gallon, CO2 tank that is doing well, just
starting to show more BBA than I want.  The tank is filled with mostly fast
growing plants and has a moderate fish load.  I can retard the algae growth
significantly by stopping fish feeding and driving the P low.  The BBA turns
red and shortens when it's not happy.  But it's still there.  I was wondering
if a few days in the dark would finish it off now that it's in a weakened
state.  My concern is for the fish and O2 levels.  Should I reduce the CO2 and
increase airation even though this will produce a higher pH?  How long should
I try this?  

Regarding PMDD, I'm using the 500 ml Tim Mullins formula with twice the N and
still have to add 15-20 ml daily to keep the N above 4 ppm LaMotte.  Dunno if
it's because the tank has a plenum or not but I'm wondering if the amount of K
is getting out of hand.  Iron still measures at the low end of the Seachem