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RE: BBA all over...HELP !!

>> My tank is full of BBA.
>> The rear glass is 100% covered by some 1cm of them.
>> That's not all. They are present on almost every decor and plants.

One thing that would be very beneficial here is what is your nitrates,
phosphates, fish load and lighting like?  I suspect that one or all of
these are contributing to this nusance.

>> I am thinking of redoing the tank, which means uprooting all plants
>> replace with fresh fast growers.

I would advise to get control of the tank before introducing anything
new in there.

>> However, I plan to kill the BBA spores by using Potassium

Again I would suggest to find the nitrates and phosphates before going
this route. (don't count it out yet)

>> After uprooting all plants, and the filter still intact and running,
>> will Potassium Permanganate kill the beneficial bacteria in the
>> media and gravel?

I am not sure on this one.  I would be worried about the long term
effect of that tho.  Potassium has a very long 1/2 life (something like