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My mistake (again<g>)

Paul Wrote:

>Karen, I did not intend to suggest that those who try to control hair algae
>rather than eliminate it should NOT be considered aquarists.  I said that
>those who work at controlling hair algae shouldn't RESERVE the title,
>"aquarist" for themselves.  When I used, the verb, 'reserve', I meant to
>set this title aside only for their own use. 

By the time you see this, you will probably already have seen my response
to Erik's post.  I can only blame reading too fast without bothering to put
my glasses on.  I apologize.  I clearly misread your post.  Read the RIGHT
way, I agree with _most_ of what you said, though I'm still not sure I'd be
willing to pre-treat fish or plants to avoid disease or algae.  Quarantine
is fine, however, and an absolute necessity if you're unsure of the source.
 As I said initially, I _do_ understand why, with your particular interests
you prefer to avoid even the possibility of introduction of filamentous algae.

>When I used, the verb, 'reserve', I meant to
>set this title aside only for their own use.  That means that they
>shouldn't EXCLUDE someone like me who got rid of hair algae, and call him
>or her "a person that keeps aquariums".  I was reacting to what Ed said,
>quoted below.  It seems to me that he was trying to say that I am not
>deserving of the title, aquarist, but should only be considered an aquarium

>>........"Simply put
>>there is nothing you can do to prevent algae from comming into contact
>>w/ the aquarium.  This is what make the difference in an person that
>>keeps aquariums and an aquarist.  The aquarist will strive to keep
>>everything in check."

I agree with you completely.  People need to try to get past the "our way
is the only way" mentality.  There is room for a great number of approaches
in this hobby, and even if we choose not to USE a particular method
personally, it doesn't mean that another who does choose that path is any
"better" or "worse".  In fact, I find that by analysing _why_ another
method is successful it can help me understand more about aquatic plants
and aquatic gardening in general.