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True aquarists?

Sorry, I accidentally hit the send button...
Let me try to continue:

So... nobody has a self sustaining natural system.  I don't know how big
a closed system is before it is self sustaining, but it is something
bigger than our tanks and smaller than a planet.  All of our tanks
require some kind of tinkering and each of us selects what they are
going to cultivate.

For instance I am not interested in battling filamentous algae nor am I
particularly interested in keeping everything perfectly in balance
(chemical testing, too many water changes, water conditioning).  (But I
can see how striving for that would be intriguing.)  I have not worked
out exactly what my ideal system is.  But the idea I am playing with is
a simple, low cost system for small tanks which has attractive plant
growth, health fish and is not too labour intensive.  I believe that
excluding these filamentous algaes will simplify my task (snails take
care of the rest).  

Anyway, if people who are not striving for a system that includes all
forms of algae are not true aquarists... where does that leave a poor
bugger who is advancing the hobby by trying to propagate a some specific
endangered fish?  Obviously there is room for many interests.

Best regards to all
(-25 in Winnipeg)