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Flower Shrimp?

Colin Anderson wrote:

>Last night I saw this and I've just got to know.  Big Al's Aquarium 
>supply is selling a shrimp they've named 'Flower shrimp'.  Its quite 
>brown/yellow/orange in appearance, mostly brown.  All of them had a line 
>running the length of the top of their body that was either a lighter or 
>darker shade of brown than the rest of the shrimp.
>With my poor shrimp anatomy skills I can't describe it as anything but a 
>tank-like shrimp(military, I mean).  They've really thick, solid bodies.  
>These were all about 2.5 inches long not including those ?feelers? on 
>their ?head?.

Sounds like Atyopsis moluccensis.  They are usually sold as "Wood Shrimp"
or Thai Wood Shrimp".  They are filter feeders, right?  no pincers?  If
that's what you saw, they are great additions to a planted aquarium as long
as you don't have fish mean enough to really harrass them.  When they're
happy in a planted tank, they turn BRIGHT orange. (or at least the dominant
one in the tank will)  They like to sit high in the tank, in front of the
filter return and pick bits out of the water.  

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association