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Flocculents for Green Water

>I have also, several times (but never more than twice
>a week), tried flocculents.  At first, I used Kent's Pro
>Clear, but switched to Crystal Clear (Aquarium
>The thing is, both seem to stress the fish, especially
>the tetras.  I have lost 3 Megalamphodeus roseus so
>far, as well as about 10 Paracheirodon simulans
>(green neons).  The latter are known to be "sensitive"
>although the literature (Baensch) says they don't like
>high nitrate; it says nothing about flocculents.

I've been leery about the use of flocculent agents since the one time I
used one, in my very early days of adult fish keeping.  I used it according
to the directions on the bottle, and within minutes two dozen blue tetras
(another fish considered "sensitive") were dead.  I don't remember if I
lost anyhting else, or even whether other fish looked stressed.  I just
remember losing my whole beautiful school of blues.  I never dared try it
again.  Fortunately, I learned how to manage my tanks better in the early
stages and have not really needed it either.<g>  

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association