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Re: BioPlast Substrate Heater

I've seen and read a little about the Bioplast system of substrate heating
and wondered if it delivered the goods; ie:- temperature gradients in the
substrate.  I set up a 30lt tank with a DIY heating tube and thermocouples
linked to a datalogger to try and establish a temperature profile.  It did
pickup heat from the 25W heater, I could detect heating pulses of about
1.0'C in the exit water.  I couldn't detect these pulses on the outer skin
of my buried tube (plastic electrical earth sheath) and couldn't be sure
within the errors of the system  that it generated the desired temperature
gradients.  In the longer term it needs a fair amount of attention to keep
it running.  Small bubbles and particulates get drawn into it and eventually
stop the flow.

I don't mean to say that the concept doesn't work only that you should
verify the operational aspects, be prepared to tweak it and maintain it.

Phil in an unusually warm Croydon (.... erm ... that's south London)

Gee I'd better get back to lurk mode and safety!