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Re: SAE question

> From: Pat Bowerman <bowerman at specent_com>
> Subject: SAE question

(Aww, so long lines!  It will take long to edit this, but here we go...)

> One of our LFS recently received a shipment of "true" SAE's. These don't 
> look like any that I have seen, and I have seen both the authentic SAE's
> and the false SAE's. The over all color and the stripe look like real
> SAE's, but the stripe doesn't seem to extend all the way through the
> tail fin. The horizontal stripe has, for the most part, a zig-zag edge

They sound enough like SAEs to be the true guys.  I have seen numerous
SAES, especially young ones, that don't have the black stripe all the
way through the tail but only halfway and much narrower than on the side
of the fish.

> As a side note, there was some discussion of possible SAE courting 
> behavior a while back. My fish will sometimes swim head to tail next to
> another SAE, but I've always thought that this was more of a show of
> aggression than anything else. Sometimes the black side line will almost
> totally fade out when they do this. My fish never bother other fish, but

I guess that about 95 % of all SAE owners have witnessed this behaviour
every now and then!