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Re: Algae Sequestering of Nutrients (was Plant eating SAE's)

Karen Randall <krandall at world_std.com> wrote:

>Like you, I see algae, including filamentous types show up when I've
>neglected a tank for too long. (usually we're talking months here, not
>days<g>)  And like you, it is most likely to be seen in areas with little
>water movement.  One of the first (usually the only) places I see it is on
>top of mats of leaves that are choking the surface because I haven't

In one tank I get a small clump of a filamentous alga (possibly Cladophora)
in the environment you describe (on top of a powerhead, tucked in the
corner). In my 125, also with dense planting but 3x the w/gal, I don't get
any near the surface,.... but sometimes find a small clump of a filamentous
alga at the bottom of the tank, under the shade of larger plants and in a
very dense section of small plants. Different tank,  different nutrient and
possibly a different filamentous alga. There are so many possible
combinations <g>. These unattached filamentous algae are not the ones that
keep me up at night.<g>

>Gee, is it possible that this conversation will actually produce more
>lumens/watt than many here recently?<g>

And I do not hear a lot of yelling going on!!! <g>.