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SAE question

> I direct this to the SAE experts on this list.

One of our LFS recently received a shipment of "true" SAE's. These don't look like any that I have seen, and I have seen both the authentic SAE's and the false SAE's. The over all color and the stripe look like real SAE's, but the stripe doesn't seem to extend all the way through the tail fin. The horizontal stripe has, for the most part, a zig-zag edge to it like the real SAE's, and there is
definitely no lighter stripe above it. When I first saw them, I thought that perhaps the lack of a tail stripe had something to do with being stressed by shipping. It has now been about 3 weeks and many of these fish still have clear tail fins. I say many, because some do have stripes all the way to the tip of the tail. The side stripe is also somewhat variable on these fish. By that, I mean
that on some it is broken and jagged looking. My question, what's going on with these fish? Is it a shipment of SAE's with some contaminant fish mixed in? Are there other fish besides false SAE's and flying foxes that look this much like the real thing. (These are not flying foxes, and I'm pretty sure they're not false SAE's either)

As a side note, there was some discussion of possible SAE courting behavior a while back. My fish will sometimes swim head to tail next to another SAE, but I've always thought that this was more of a show of aggression than anything else. Sometimes the black side line will almost totally fade out when they do this. My fish never bother other fish, but they are pretty aggressive with each other
at feeding time. They are _very_ active feeders, and I suppose that another fish might get hurt if it got in the way.

Now, let's get back to bleaching. <VBG>

Pat Bowerman