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swearing about bleach

>Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 03:11:22 -0800
>From: Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
>Subject: Re The C word + heater cables
>Olga wrote:
>> Well, Steve why do you crap on people's use of heating cables?? <g>
>Well I didn't use any swearing words when I was talking about heating
>cables. <snip>

Oops! Hope I didn't offend anyone with the off colour words below. (I guess
I'm one of those low lifes who don't really think of "hell" and "damn" as
swear words.) <g>

>> I don't give a damn that you bleach hell out of everything to get rid of
>> algae.

>Hmmm... Don't think I've EVER advocated "bleaching hell out of
>everything". <snip> But it
>sure sounded to me like Olga was objecting pretty strenuously to both
>the bleach treatment method and to discussion of it.

If completely tearing down a tank and bleaching everying isn't "bleaching
hell out of everything" then what is? As for objecting to the method or
discussion of it, for a bright guy you can be so obtuse!!! This is why I
use words like "hell" and "damn"... it's called frustration.

>> I just object to your attitude that it is the *ONLY effective way*
>> to do it. It is *one* way. You tend to overstate things. Just my opinion
>> and not intended to start a flame war. ;>
>It's not a flame war until it gets personal and we start calling each
>other names is it, Olga? ;-)

So then you repeat what I very clearly say *was* my objection ("ONLY
EFFECTIVE WAY") and what do you do?..you sidestep the *real* topic and go
off on the "flame" part!! You should be a politician.

>We seem to drift off the topic of aquatic plants whenever we start
>objecting to attitudes.

You drift off the topic whenever it comes to really answering the question.

>And I think Olga is misquoting me but not really on purpose. I did say
>that using the bleach treatment is the only effective method of
>preventing _filament_ algae from infecting an aquarium. Still clinging
>precariously to that statement.

Yes, I know, I know, I know... filament algae. I was never mistaken as to
what you meant. Clinging precariously indeed. You have seen with your own
eyes my 50 gallon aquarium covered in long green slimy well attached
filament algae... it was beautiful, light green , flowing in the current...
remember?? Nightmarish! I know you have a bad memory but really Steve you
MUST remember that. Do you also remember that it's gone, hasn't been around
for about a year and a half now. Recall also, if you can, that I didn't
bleach anything. Gee something must have been effective eh?? Guess that
means that bleach ISN'T the ONLY effective way to eliminate *filament*
algae. And now do you understand that the only thing I objected to and, I
think other's objected to, was your cocksure statement with the "only" in
it. (And "cocksure" is NOT a swearword. In my dictionary: "Perfectly
secure, confidently certain".)

(Off Stage: Believe it or not folks, I like Steve and even ask his advice
about various things. But I will always go after him when he makes a
definitive statement with huge authority when I don't think that it's
justified. Lots of people listen to Steve because he posts lots of good
advice, so I think that when something is blatently not true, I just have
to get in there, in case some beginner out there really believes it.)

And that's the last I have to say on the subject.

swearing, but silently, in Vancouver