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Plant eating algae eaters

 Steve Pushak wrote:


It is much much much much easier to
>prevent an infestation of filament algae by simply bleaching the plants.
>Remember that the same SAEs that eat BBA also love to eat Mayaca,
>Heteranthera zosterifolia and fine leafed Rotala species.

I agree with George Booth here. Your SAEs must be starving because mine
don't eat fine-leaved plants. Plecos, Angels, Platties, barbs, Kribs and
Clown Loaches will. Are you sure you are not blaming the wrong fish? SAEs
look like they are eating plants when they clean leaves and maybe they eat
leaves that are in bad shape but I've never seen them eat a healthy leaf...
and I watch mine a lot.

Let's hear from anyone who has had plant-eating SAEs. Perhaps they do eat
plants if they get hungry enough. It would be interesting to know.

in Vancouver