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Enough Light, and what type of light

Hi everyone.

I am going to setup my my newly bought 128 liter /34 gal tank.

In which I wanna grow Echinodorus Tennelus, and Glossostigma Elantoides
But I was wondering, how much light do I need??? The tank is 80*40*40 cm.
I though about adding 75 watt of light, but I am not sure if I rather should
use 100 watt ???
I am going to use very soft water, around 2-4 KH (from my RO unit), and for
filtering a fluval 403 external.

Another thing I was wondering about is, what type of fluorescent bulbs
should I use???
I have until now been using TRITON with good luck. But I wondered if there
is anything as good or better, and cheaper??? The triton is pretty expensive
here in Denmark.

So if anyone could tell me about their experience with different types of
fluorescent light bulbs I would appreciate it :-)

With many Thanks

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