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Re: how to grow live foods

> What kinds of live foods do you feed and how can I raise them.  I know how
> to do
> brine shrimp, and am planning to use a small spare tank to raise them once I
> get
> my 100 gallon up and running, but I'm not sure how to raise others.
> Thanks,
> Justin Collins

The easiest foods I've found are grindal worms and white worms. The grindals multiply at an unbelievable rate and are good food for smaller fish. The whites area bit slower and need cooler temperatures ( they both do well in my
basement @ 60 - 65 degrees F.)
I grow them in a plastic box with vent hole. The media is house plant potting soil. I feed them mostly dry oatmeal sprinkled lightly on the surface. When it is gone I sprinkle more.
Harvesting grindals is as simple as scraping your finger tip across the surface. Harvesting white worms involves taking a small amount of their bedding and driving them to the surface by floating it in a bowl of warm water. All my
fish go crazy for both these foods. Don't overfeed, the worms die in water after about two days.
Join live foods digest. There is a wealth of information there.

        <Live-Foods at actwin_com>

Harvey Schneider
<harvsch at earthlink_net>