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Dupla cables

George and Karen join the fray!

Ok, we shouldn't disparage the Dupla folks for their efforts to make the
aquatic plant hobby more available to the average hobbyist. I think the
Dupla founders were motivated by their love of the hobby. 

Was it Dupla that originally advanced the famous "substrate nutrient
circulation" hypothesis where nutrients diffuse INTO the substrate from
the water? This really needs challenging. 

As mentioned recently the idea of heating increasing diffusion and
convection of nutrients already in the substrate is possible but again,
unnecessary. Plant roots grow all through the substrate for several
inches in depth and have no problem accessing sufficient iron and
phosphate provided that these are present and available. I do expect
that you would see an increase in growth rates if you heated the
substrates. If the growth rates are adequate with a given substrate
design, then no need to stimulate it further right? It is very easy to
get low or high growth rates simply by controlling the fertility of the
substrate. Bear in mind that the adjustment knob only turns in one

Look, I don't have the time to respond to all of these remarks from
Karen and George. You guys make some good points. I agree, we shouldn't
disparage anyone personally, nor was it my intention to do so.

BTW, in case anyone is interested, I did get an infestation of BBA (my
fault) and I do have SAEs which are controlling it nicely.
Unfortunately, they are also controlling the growth of several of the
fine leafed plants I've been trying to propagate. They may move
temporarily to a single tank.

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