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Re The C word + heater cables

Olga wrote:
> Well, Steve why do you crap on people's use of heating cables?? <g>

Well I didn't use any swearing words when I was talking about heating
cables. I did object to the two assumptions (see previous message) often
repeated and which are given the weight of truth by being mentioned so
often. I do think your posts were a trifle more pejorative than mine
although I deliberately picked the C word because there seemed to be a
certain scatalogical flavor to Olga's earlier post. ;->

> I don't give a damn that you bleach hell out of everything to get rid of
> algae. 

Hmmm... Don't think I've EVER advocated "bleaching hell out of
everything". That sounds like something from "Exorcist part IV". But it
sure sounded to me like Olga was objecting pretty strenuously to both
the bleach treatment method and to discussion of it.

> I just object to your attitude that it is the *ONLY effective way*
> to do it. It is *one* way. You tend to overstate things. Just my opinion
> and not intended to start a flame war. ;>

It's not a flame war until it gets personal and we start calling each
other names is it, Olga? ;-)

We seem to drift off the topic of aquatic plants whenever we start
objecting to attitudes.

And I think Olga is misquoting me but not really on purpose. I did say
that using the bleach treatment is the only effective method of
preventing _filament_ algae from infecting an aquarium. Still clinging
precariously to that statement. I was responding to other statements
critical of the bleach treatment method (and I won't bother to dig out
the particular reference because its not that important to this
discussion). I NEVER said that there weren't other effective options for
_controlling_ certain types of filament algae but I want to clearly
point out that these options also have problems. So we agree there are
multiple options and none are perfect and now I think we've clarified
what we meant in earlier statements especially the distinction between
the verbs "controlling" and "preventing".

OB aquatic plant content: So is pH really the problem with "hard" water,
not the high concentration of Ca & Mg cations? Do carbonates have any
undesirable effect aside from the pH? Ole wrote to me privately about
aquarists using ion replacement (DI?) water and then treating it with
acid to remove the carbonates. Wouldn't it be just as effective to
merely treat the water with acid to remove the carbonates and leave the
Ca & Mg in solution? (or as precipitate)

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