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Heating cables and rugf's


While reading the current post about substrate heating I thought of
something that would possibly be good to try.  Take a standard
ungergravel filter and put a heater in the stack (may have to oversize
the stack some) then connect the top to a powerhead and reverse the
flow.  Seems to me that this would a) reverse the flow of water in the
standard rugf systems, b) heat the substrate first and heat would 'rise'
to the top c) keep the organic crap in the substrate to a minimum.  The
drawbacks that I see are a) the heater may cause damage to the stack
(like melting) the water aggitation may reduce the heat causing the need
for a larger heater to be used.

I guess one could also add co2 to this as well and let the substrate act
as a reactor.  Seems to me that this would be a very small, compact
setup to use.  Any input on this?