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My tank update (algae stuff)


I just thought i'd write and let everyone know how my battle is going.
In my 2.5g tank I am now using diy co2 and baking soda as a Kh buffer,
the plants and fish seems to glow.  In the 20g tank I did a 60% water
change, and cleaned the substrate as I found this was very rich in
organic stuff, thus leading to the high nitrates.  I introduced sae's to
help keep the algae under control (I would like to thank ppl on this
list for enlightening me of this natural method of control)  I have NO
physical signs of algae (cept the green stuff on the windows but that's
ok) and I commonly see the sae's acting like the cute little aquatic
vacuum cleaners that they are.

It seems that my battle with BBA and hair/thread algae is over. I have
gained alot of experience, education and understanding of the aquatic
world while doing this and know what needs to be done with future

Most importantly I have learned that algae is a very beneficial part of
any aquatic enviroment and with out it alot of tanks wouldn't be health.