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Re: Something a bit less technical

Frank Hillman wrote:

> Hoenstly folks, you are guys are in F-16s and I'm in a Piper Cub.  

Believe me, you're not the only one!  

There's generally at least one post per digest which I lack the
scientific background to comprehend, or at least the patience to figure
out.  There are also many posts which discuss matters that I'm not
particularly interested in, at the moment...

For each of these posts, though, there's generally at least one tidbit
that I pick up.  It could be that, in most listmembers' experience,
glossostigma requires very high light... it could be that those thick
brown 'wood shrimp' for sale at the LFS are the same as the brilliant
red, beautiful ones in the display tank... whatever.  

And if you leave your pride at the door, and jump into the fray, there's
a lot to be gained by asking questions!    

Alysoun McLaughlin
alysoun at planetall_com