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re: snails carying algae


Here's my $0.02 on snails and algae.  Get some SAE's and don't worry
about it anymore :) they are simple, great and very effective removers
of algae.  After you clean everything in bleach, grow mts in the dark
and the like what will be next?  How about a clean room for the tank,
sterilize your hands, the water you use, and how about the fish? I would
be willing to be that fish will carry the spores as well.  Simply put
there is nothing you can do to prevent algae from comming into contact
w/ the aquarium.  This is what make the difference in an person that
keeps aquariums and an aquarist.  The aquarist will strive to keep
everything in check.

Wasn't it Takashi Amano (correct me if I am wrong) that stated there
will be all forms of algae in the tank at any given time, if conditions
become right for growth then it will explode.