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Re: Clay balls

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<< Does this breakdown look dangerous? I know the Nitrogen looks high.
 Total Nitrogen               10.0%
     5.5% Ammonical Nitrogen
     2.4% Nitrate Nitrogen
     1.5% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
       .6% Urea Nitrogen
 Phosphoric Acid       14.0%
 Soluble Potash            8.0 %
 Soluble Manganese     .12%
 Soluble Iron                   .11%
 Soluble Zince                .07%
 Soluble Copper             .05%
 Boron                            .02%
 moybdenum                 .006%
This combination does not look good from the standpoint of the phosphoric acid
with the nitrogen.  Phosphoric acid is H3PO4 when the hydronium ions (H+)
break off it will lower the pH of the tank and also leave phosphate anion left
over.  The combination of nitrogen and phosphate would set the algae on a wild
growth spurt.  From my experience I make phosphate the limiting nutrient for
algae so I never add anything with phophate with the exception of the small
amount that I get from my well water.  I also believe that the urea nitrogen
is a precursor for ammonia but am not sure.