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DIY CO2 for Wendell

 Dave Gomberg wrote:

>If you mean a CO2 generator, thekrib.com will have all the info you need.
>If you mean a CO2 exchanger (where the CO2 gets mixed into the aquarium
>water) the easiest is to shoot it into the venturi intake of a powerhead or
>to bubble it into an inverted 2L coke bottle bottom.

Sounds to me as though Wendell is asking about the whole kit and kaboodle.
If you want to make a DIY CO2 system you use yeast and suger and can find
all the info on The Krib. 

Be careful about using the venturi intake on a powerhead for CO2 delivery.
This can be powerful enough under the right circumstances to suck all the
yeast mixture into your tank... no good... kills all the fish and means a
complete tank clean. Better to run the CO2 through the impeller of the
powerhead. If you sit the powerhead on a sponge filter, make a hole in the
lift tube under the powerhead and insert the CO2 line there. This works
perfectly and the powerhead will pluse a jet of very fine bubbles. Also
running the CO2 through the impeller gives the CO2 a longer time and more
thrashing about into order to dissolve into the water.

in Vancouver