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Lower temperature decreases diatom or cyanobacteria growth?

I have now lowered my water temperature from 27C to 24-25 C. That decreased my slimy algae growth dramatically. I also replaced my dirty synthetic pre filter wadding with new as I had a feeling it was some kind of source for this problem. That may sound a bit stupid but the thing is I found most of the algaes near the filter outlets. In addition the problem started some weeks ago after I added this synthetic filter wadding to clear up my water after uprootting my Limnophilias.
It feels like Im right on track again, today when I went to bed there was just some small amount left of my browngreen algae. This is a big step forward for me as the last two weeks has been kind of hopeless. I`ll have to wait a couple of weeks and see if this decreased algae growth was just temporary.
By the way I have found my red Myriophyllums to grow better at this low temperature.

Regards, Anders