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Re: Altum Angels

Karen Randall wrote:
I haven't had much experience with Altums, but as they are almost
invariably wild-caught, you're going to have much more trouble in terms of
potential parasite load, picky eating etc.  I know Merrill Cohen has a huge
one that he's had for several years.  Maybe he can comment.

My comment.............
IMHO, Altum Angels are the most gorgeous of all the Angel Fish!  Since, I
believe, that only one person in Germany has (and is) breeding them, all
that you will purchase here are caught in the "wild".  You _must_ isolate
them for at least a month and be prepared to treat them for the "plague"
that has affected Angels and Discus which is preferably lowering the pH to
4 (four) if they show any signs of hovering in a corner.  I do have more
than what Karen saw and they are worth the trouble of conditioning so that
they can be put in a well planted aquarium.  I do feed Black Worms to
entice them to eat; and when they are in good shape, they will eat flake
foods.  Strangely enough, they prefer OSI flake food over any others!  Mine
are kept at a pH of 6.8 to 7.0 and an aquarium of 30 gallons or more should
be considered for adults.  If you have further questions, write me
personally off the APD list.  One other thing that I do is use "Clout" in
the isolation aquarium to assure that they are parasite free, even if they
are acting normal.

Best wishes,

Merrill Cohen <amc2 at ix_netcom.com>