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Floating plants and UG filter

I have a twenty gal (long) planted with java fern and moss, a few
crypts, some dwarf sword (Leliposis newzealand.. (sp?)), a melon sword
and a hygo sp.  My sword and hygro are not growing too well.  Could it
be because there is a layer of floating plants at the surface?  I put
those in to keep the fish from jumping out (open top tank).
  I fertilize with Flourish (4-6 drops per day) and have Flourish Tabs
in the substrate (broken up and placed under each plant) the tank has
DIY CO2 and I have two twenty watt cool fluorescent lights.  I was
planning to create some PMDD after Christmas, and maybe doubling the
light; however, there has been a lot of discussion on Chroma 50's, so
now I think I'll just change the bulbs.
  The tank is filtered by a UG filter, powered by a canister filter and
a powerhead.  I was thinking about shutting down the UG filter and just
using the canister (Fluval 401). 

  Any suggestions?

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, Alberta
(403) 464-9635